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Basement Finishing University – This is my complete video training collection combined into a single package. Click here to learn more about this series.


Or check out these individual videos:


Everything you need to know about framing your
Drywall Finishing A to Z. The 5 best how-to hang
and finish drywall videos ever made!
How to hang & fit your basement doors.

Insulating your basement for maximum energy
savings & comfort.
Plumbing 1: Installing drain lines & sewage pump
Plumbing 2: Installing hot & cold water lines to
fixtures location.

HVAC Systems Heating & Cooling: Heating &
cooling your basement for maximum energy savings &
Plumbing 3: Setting showers & tubs and
installing ejectors
Plumbing 4: Setting bath fixtures (toilet, sink,
vanity, faucets. shutoffs, supply lines, p-trap

How to design your new basement for fun &
Electric 1: How to rough-in wiring. Electric 2: Installing switches, outlets and

Built-ins: Basement in-wall bookcases &
entertainment wall built-ins.
Trim Series A to Z: Stairway
banisters, Base trim, Exterior doors & windows

Trim 1: Stairway banisters & railings Trim 2: Base trim Trim 3: Exterior doors & windows

Mechanical A to Z Series: Installing drain lines & sewage pump systems – Plumbing 2: Installing hot & cold water lines to fixture locations – Plumbing 3: Setting showers & tubes & installing sewage ejection – Plumbing 4: Setting bath fixtures (toilet, sink, vanity, faucets, shutoffs, supply lines, p-trap) – Electric 1: Rough-in wiring – Electric 2: Installing switches, outlets and breakers

Check-List 2


Project Materials and Tool Lists (7 lists in all!)

54 thoughts on “My Basement Finishing Video Store

  1. Eddie. Do I have to download your videos to my computer, or are they available on DVD? I have an older computer and it doesn’t download very well and it doesn’t have much ghard drive space left. I would like the convenience of putting a DVD in and watching it in my 55″ TV.
    THanks, Tom

    • Tom hello!

      No…these videos are all inside my newest basement finishing training called the Basement Finishing University 2.0.

      The BFU 2.0 is given to everyone that orders my basement training videos. Simply login online to the members area and all the videos are streaming 24/7 in HD quality directly to any computer, pad or smartphone!

      No need to download any videos! You get lifetime access to the 100+ basement finishing videos from the BFU 2.0 member area.

      These are not DVD’s Tom…DVD’s Are quickly becoming a thing of our past! You will like the online members area once you kick the tires!

      Check out the new basement finishing training here>>> Basement Finishing University 2.0 CLICK HERE


  2. I purchased your spring sale package, which includes the videos and the BFU membership but I couldn’t find any instructions on how to signup to access the BFU website content. I would like to get some help with that. thank you.

  3. Eddie,
    I purchased and downloaded the A-Z series and the videos are great! One question from Electrical Part 2. When wiring the outlet plugs, it looks to me like they were wired in a series. Would you suggest wiring this way or parallel? My concern is if one plug goes bad, everything down stream goes out. Is the extra work of pig tailing worth it?

    • Hi Brian! They don’t just “go bad”, they’re not like light bulbs that go bad! Outlets will outlast you and I! Wire them the way we do and you be good to go…don’t worry about an outlet going bad. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your project Brian!


  4. I recently purchased the A to Z series and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with its content!!! Most training videos that you find will almost always leave some small detail out that will leave you wondering, however; Eddie talks you through and shows you EVERY SINGLE STEP. He also puts it in simple terms that, (no offense to women), even my wife could understand. LOL. I HIGHLY recommend the series for anyone that is thinking about doing ANY DIY project at home. GREAT job Eddie and thanks!!!

  5. Eddie,
    I purchased the video set a few years back when they were only downloads, not a DVD.
    Are the video DVD’s the same as the downloads were, as far as information, or do the DVD’s have more in depth information, that may cover more area’s than the downloads I purchased?
    Would it be worth it to me to purchase the hard copies, or not, or would I need to just purchase what may not have been in the original download?


    • Jim hello. I have no DVD’s of the training materials. All of my training is either a download format or all can be viewed inside the Basement Finishing University as Streaming HD videos on any smart phone, pad or computer with an internet connection.
      The Basement Finishing University is the BEST way to view the videos!


  6. Very interested in your protect. If i buy the a to z videos and want to upgrade to the bfu, can this be done? And at what price?


  7. Eddy bought your A to Z videos. I really like what I’ve seen watching a few but haven’t found one topic I’m looking for. How to get supplies down to the basement. My stairs are tight with a landing and 180 degree turn. I can get lumber down or through a window, but 4×8 sheetrock?
    Any tricks of the trade???

    • The sheet rock will come down those steps…I have only had 1 basement in 25 years that it could not be brought down to a landing and turn. It might be a close fit but I can assure you Brian it will come down.

      The limber needs to go through the windows straight into the basement.


  8. What is the difference between BFU and the A to Z series? And do you plan to add more to the BFU over time and inckude it at no additional cost or will new content cost more money?

    • Bryan,

      The BFU is my Basement Finishing University. It has over 100 basement finishing videos that cover every aspect of finishing your basement in complete step by step detail. The BFU includes:

      * Basement project design and floor plan creation training to get your project started off on the right foot 10 hours of training here alone…
      * Included are complete material and tool lists for each stage of the project
      * 7 day a week private basement project tutoring with me for any issues with your project
      * And a ton more inside…(basement design ideas videos & pictures, bonus whiteboard lessons, private members forum, etc.)

      Where as the Pro Video A to Z has just the basic 27 video basement finishing construction-based video training…with none of the add-on’s listed above. It’s still a very good training product but not as in-depth as the BFU. The BFU is by far the most intense basement finishing training for homeowners on the market today.

      I hope this helps clear-up the difference between the two products, I have had a lot of other homeowners asking me this same question! Thanks for your interest in my basement finishing training products Bryan, hope to see you inside soon.

      “It’s Time To Put Your Tool Belt On!”

  9. Hello:

    I basically have been searching online for a video to teach me how to chalkline or determine how to lay a flat top plate and bottom plate so its all straight – as I have to build the walls to fit, I can’t build the wall on the floor and set in. – I ran across your videos – maybe this is something I need to buy?
    Do you sell these videos as a DVD collection? I do not have a fast enough download connection to download them.

    My foundation walls – are not quite straight, so I need to determine a line across the floor joists for a 40 ft wall where the top plate will go so its straight – does your framing video show this?

    thanks for info

    • Greg I will show you EXACTLY how to build a straight wall top to bottom whatever length you need in the Pro Video A to Z basement training series.

      Yes they are a download, but I am giving you a FREE membership into my Basement Finishing University (BFU) where you DO NOT have to download these videos , you can just watch them in streaming HD from any devise that has an internet connection! So there should be NO PROBLEMS at all with you starting your training right away and moving right along with the project!


      Thanks for your interest in my training products Greg, I am always here to answer any questions that you may have during your basement project 7 days a week!

      Take care.


  10. Hi Eddie
    Thank you for these excellent videos. I brought your basement series a few month ago, really helped me a lot on my basement project, now I’m about to move my next project, landscape, just wondering, do you have a series for that ? Such as lawn, patio, retaining wall, etc. ? If you do in the future , please let me know.

    • Hello Jia! I’m sorry but no landscape training videos yet! It’s possible this spring as we are gearing-up for a roofing, decking, fencing, concrete training series. We may do a landscape/hardscape series as well.
      Thanks again for the purchase of the basement training products! Take care my friend.


  11. Hey Eddie,
    Thanks for the videos. The best purchase I have made in a long time. 2 questions:
    1)do you have anything to show someone how to draw up plans for a basement so they can be submitted to the town? I have all the paperwork from the town but its pretty intimidating.
    2)do you have anything showing how to do the flooring?

    I will be building a deck for a pool next if you have any videos for sale let me know.
    Thanks Again,

  12. Eddy,
    Excellent training videos. I have a couple of HVAC questions for you:
    As background on my project, I have a basement in a 2 year old house that was half finished when I bought it. Now I’m planning to finish another bedroom in the basement. The bedroom already has 1 register in the ceiling but it had no return air duct. Based on the advice from the video I plan to add the return air duct.

    1. With a register in the ceiling, should I put the return air duct high on a wall, low on the wall, or does it matter at all? It would seem to me that by putting it low I would maximize the air circulation, but there’s a slight concern that a low return air line would get covered up by a bed.

    2. One of the other return air ducts in my basements just uses the space between two 16″ joists as the duct (completely boxed off by particle board, and with proper tees to the line at the top and a grille at the bottom). Any reason why I shouldn’t do this for the new bedroom too?



    • Hey Dave! I would use the flex duct like I show you in the videos and put one high return in the room if you can.

      If you can’t get the return in the wall this way the other way you discuss here will get the job done just fine as well. I just think it’s a lot easier to install to use the flex whenever possible in the basement cause of the tight tolerances we are sometimes working against!

      Thanks for stopping by our basement finishing site Dave!


  13. hey eddy your basement framing videos and drywall are really starting to educate me and build confidence on start to finish…ty and much respect !

  14. Hi Love the video’s, tell me why you use Porter Case air tools. I just don’t know which to purchase. I’m bragging on you Sir on your teaching methods.

    • Reliability I guess…I just have never had too many issues with the Porter Cable brand over the the years. Good solid air guns!

      Thanks for stopping by our Basement Site Clarence!


  15. Hi Eddie – When laying out the basement walls what was the reasoning to snap the chalk line 4.5 inches from the foundation wall? Why not snap 4 inches away? Also, I know a lot of carpenters/contractors look down upon Home Depot products (wood & tools) what has been your experience with stores like Home Depot and Lowes?

  16. Hey Eddie, I purchased the entire set and i must say it was undeniable worth it for the amount of information you get but im still unsure how to do 2 things. It didnt have anything in it on how to frame my jacuzzi tub. I saw you had something listed on youtube for installing whirlpool jet tub part 1 but I didnt see part 2 and neither are in the DVD set. My other issue is the best reccammendation on how to do floors. There are so many options I had water issues due to stone foundation walls and I now have an interior draintile installed on my basement walls but just in case how should i door the floor. Should i put polystyrene than plywood on top of it or due you reccamend tyroc, dricore.

    • Hey Anthony! I am doing a bathroom series right now that has about 30 videos in it. When it’s completed I’ll send it to you Free of charge. Your answers to these question and many other bathroom questions will be answered in this new bathroom training series.

      Flooring is either carpet and padding over the concrete flooring , synthetic wood like a Pergo, or Ceramic tile directly over the concrete. There is no need for plywood sub-floors and dricore, it’s a waste of money and time in our opinion.

      Thanks for your purchase. good luck with your project.


  17. Hi Eddie, I love your videos. I want to buy the Fathers day special but want to be assured the video is in DVD format. The boxes look like VHS, which I no longer have.

    • Hello James! These Videos only come as an Instant Download. There is no physical product that is shipped to you. You simply download the videos directly to your computer. We also have them at the Basement Finishing University where you can stream them live in HD and No downloading is necessary at all!

      Thanks for your interest in my basement finishing training videos.


  18. I purchased your drywall videos and and all I can say is they are super great for someone like me that knew nothing about drywall. I am now drywalling my entire older model modular home.I am installing drywall over my existing celotex ceilings and have discovered that I have 2×2 ceiling rafters on 16″ should I use 3/8 drywall instead of 5/8 in the ceiling to reduce weight

    • Awesome man! OK, I would use 1/2″ drywall instead of 3/8″ or 5/8″ drywall for these ceilings. The weight will not be a big factor with 1/2″ with a modular home ceiling span.


  19. Any chance these videos will be coming to DVD format? I’d rather have them on DVD as I see it more user friendly.


        • Later this summer but I still have no absolute date Justin! Thanks for your interest in the product. I will have the Basement Finishing University opening up next month and it is going to change the way homeowners learn how to do home improvement projects, this thing is incredible! I think the BFU is a better way to go than the DVD’s by leaps and bounds!


  20. I purchased your A-Z Basement videos in prep for helping my son redo his basement and have found them to be a great prep and full of resourceful information I know we will use.

    Just finished watching the Drywall videos but did not see anything about finishing off the walls with the different types of surface finish and painting. Do you have any videos on these?



    • Hello Nelson! I’m glad to hear that the basement finishing training videos are helping you with the basement project! Your a good man for helping out your son with the basement project!
      As of right now, I do not have any textured walls or faux painting videos for sale…but possibly in the future. Thanks for your purchase of my basement finishing Pro Video A to Z series…I’m glad it’s helping you and your son with the project. Take care my friend!


      • Ok, what about finishing inside of the windows? Your framing video shows how to frame around windows but how would you recommend finishing them with drywall? Can you glue drywall on the block wall from the window out to the framing studs?

        • Drywall rots inside basement windows and is not the right material for finishing inside windows. Windows need to finished a wooden extension jamb that goes from the window it’self to the inside of the drywall, you then simply trim out the extension jambs with window casing trim of choice. It’s much better more professional looking end product.

          Hope this helps.


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