Basement Finishing University A to Z Training!





The Basement Finishing University(BFU) is all the training and instruction you’ll ever need to complete your entire basement project yourself with professional results!




In this DIY basement finishing training , I’ve included every last detail of the basement finishing process and left no stone unturned.

Most training was  filmed on actual job sites of my basement clients and covers every single step of the processes I am still using to this day.

If you’re a visual learner like me, you’re really going to like these step-by-step videos. I’m not just telling you what to do and how to do it… I’m actually showing you how to do it along every step of the process in such precise detail that it’s almost impossible for you to make a mistake.

The Basement Finishing University has already helped thousands of homeowners with little to no previous building experience finish their basements with unmatched professional results.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn Inside the Basement Finishing University:

1) How to exactly frame the walls and ceilings in your new basement

2) How to exactly frame ceiling soffits (around beams, duct-work, pipes, etc.)

3) How to wire your basement (electric part 1 is awesome training video!)

4) Trim installation (3 very detailed videos teach you trim from A to Z!)

5) Installing switches, outlets, breakers, covers, lighting, etc. (part 2)

6) How to build and install built-ins (bookcases, TV’s, shelving, etc.)

7) How to design your basement around all of the most common obstacles

8) How to finish your basement 100%  in weeks not months

9) How to install your new interior doors like a pro! (Killer video!)

10) How to plumb a complete basement bathroom (6 hours of intense bathroom building and plumbing videos!)

11) How to insulate your basement for maximum energy savings and comfort!

12) How to install a complete heating and cooling system for maximum energy savings & comfort!

13) How to drywall your project from A to Z (5 amazing Pro-level videos)

14) How to build a Custom Wet Bar (27 detailed videos)

15) How to professionally complete the painting of your new finished basement

16) How to install your new finished basement flooring (Synthetic plank, Tile & Vinyl)

…and tons of bonus videos, to many to list here…but you get the picture, IT’S A COMPLETE BASEMENT FINISHING TRAINING SYSTEM!


…And a whole lot more. Too much to list here!  On sale now ONLY$73.50

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These training videos will give you all the professional guidance you’ll ever need to finish your basement like a pro. Being a member of the Basement Finishing University is just like having a seasoned contractor standing right beside you showing you exactly what to do next to avoid common rookie basement finishing mistakes.

You’ll learn all of my professional “Insider Techniques” that I’ve used and mastered for the last 25 years while finishing basements for my clients, assembled step-by-step in exact detail in these training videos.

What started out as a hobby posting videos on YouTube has turned into a powerful training aid that has already helped hundreds of regular guys just like you finish their basement the same way professionals do it. Just check out some of these success stories:

“Hey Eddie and guys!  I bought the full series and love it!  I feel very empowered now to finish my basement – which means a whole lot to my family!  I have always been somewhat handy, but intimidated by framing – especially connecting to existing walls and spaces until these videos. Thank you!”Scott Cook, Georgia


“Thank you for producing such an outstanding and to the point series of training videos. I just purchased the Pro Video Series and can’t stop watching them. Your videos have given me all the
detailed instructions I need and the confidence to finish my basement.”
Merry Christmas, Afshin


“I live in Toronto, Canada. I recently bought your video collection. I just want to let you know that the videos were incredibly helpful. I cannot believe how much I learned. I am so happy I did not start my basement finishing project before I watched your videos.They are FANTASTIC! I hope you sell thousands of copies. You deserve it, with such a well made product. All the best,”Michael


“Hi Eddie, Thanks so much for the videos. They are by far the best instructional videos on the market for remodeling. I also wanted to check and see if the “Finishing Touches” video had been completed yet. Thanks again,”Jerry Goodson


“Hi Eddie I have bought all your videos, they are best basement finishing video. I seen all 20 video . I learned lot , and able to finish my basement myself. I think every home owner should buy these video, and save lot of money by doing work by himself. In books you will miss so many things, things you explained in video , can not be explained in books.Even somebody does not know English, still can learn lot of things. Thanks for making these video.”Jasbir Bering

…and I’ve received hundreds more success stories just like them.

With my simple instructional videos you’ll learn every single step of the basement finishing process.

You will have your friends scratching their heads trying to figure out how YOU did it, not to mention the intense satisfaction and pride you will have knowing that YOU were the one that actually made it happen!

My Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that YOU will be able to finish your basement and achieve professional results that I’m giving you a 2 MONTH, NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100 PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with your purchase! That’s how confident I am in my training videos.

If at any time within 60 days of purchase you don’t feel my training videos are right for you, simply contact me and I’ll promptly issue you a full refund.

How’s that for a guarantee? That’s how confident I am in this offering. I take all the risk for you, it’s impossible for you to make a mistake.

Get The Basement Finishing University!

Here’s what you’ll get:

All the Videos inside the Basement Finishing University (over 120 detailed videos cover every step of basement finishing)

Direct access to Eddie to answer any questions you have about your basement project along the way. Private Facebook Group…priceless!

60 day No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee!NOW ONLY $73.50

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that your’re going to be able to finish your own basement and create incredible extra living space that is going to amaze your family and friends, that If you not 100% happy with my basement finishing training videos for any reason, simply email me telling me so and I will refund every penny of your purchase price…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!   ~Eddie



83 thoughts on “Basement Finishing University A to Z Training!

    • Miza Hi! No…we do not use metal framing at all on any projects. Metal is hard to work with when it comes to trim work, as you are using screws to apply trim and not nails! Not good for custom trim work or door setting!


  1. Eddie:
    Just downloaded videos A-Z. The framing tips alone worth the price of set. It is like having a private consultant. Just wondering where there pdf notes that I did not download, was rushing to download videos and can not seem to get back to page where downloads are. There might not be any but just want to make sure thanks again for your fantastic videos, God Bless!

  2. Hi Eddie,
    I’m very interested in buying your video series, I just have a couple questions. First, I am waiting to close on my house, how long will I have access to the videos if I purchase now? Next, are all the videos in the University section, including building a wet bar? Or are all the video series purchased separately?

    • You get a lifetime membership into the Basement Finishing University so your good to go Shaka! All the videos are currently inside the BFU members area including the Bar Building Videos! Hope to see you inside the members area soon. Take care.


  3. Hello Eddie,

    Are you still offering the basement finishing university program? The link seems broken now to signup and purchase.

  4. Hey Eddie,

    Happy holidays to you and the fam. I’ve purchased a few of your products through the years and I have to say that you have saved me a ton of cash (hiring and just plain ole education). I was wondering if you have a series on carving out hinges for doors. I have your exterior doors and windows but you didn’t cover that. Just want to know if you have something on that.

    • Hello Terrence! Yes I do…at the end of the “Hanging Interior Doors” video Starting at 1:25

        into the video, I show you how I carve-out hinge spots on my interior doors when needed.

        Thanks for your purchase Terrence and good luck with your project!


  5. No need to download anything Paul! Simply watch them all on your Pad at the Basement Finishing University(BFU) 24/7! I sent you a FREE lifetime membership into the BFU when you ordered the training!

    Thanks again for the purchase…I’ll see you inside the members area.


      • Hi Eddie, I am looking at the great review and will be looking to do my own basement and apply for the permits. I’m a real novice so I don’t know yet if this is a floating basement or not. Plus, I want to extend my deck next year so hopefully this is coming in your video selection as well. Nice

  6. Hi Eddie,

    I bought both BFU and KFU package about a year ago. At that time you have not updated “How to Build an amazing Wet Bar to entertain Friends and Family!” and i really want to learn this update. What would you suggest?


    • Hi Carl! Thanks again for your purchases! I really appreciate you putting your trust in me to help you with these projects.

      I am sending you the Bar Building series right now for free for being such an awesome Student.


  7. Eddie,
    I am starting to plan finishing my basement. Because of the grade of my lot the builder double poured the foundation walls to bring it to street level. The problem I have is the basement ceiling is over 13′ high. I am considering purchasing one of your series and was wondering if anything like this is covered?

    • You lucky dog! WE would all love to have 13′ tall basement ceilings! Look…just do everything Like I show you in the videos series. It does not matter if your ceilings are 7′ or 13′ the videos will be followed the exact same way. The only difference will be in the end…you will have beautifully high 13′ finished drywall ceilings!


  8. Hi Eddie,
    I was able to download the BFU videos but not the KRU videos.
    How do I download the KRU vids.
    By the way I love the way Tom showed his techniques, thank you very much TOM.

    • Hi Paul! OK…I am sending you a FREE lifetime membership into the Kitchen Remodeling University where you DO NOT need to download…just watch them all in Streaming HD video format from any “smart” phone, Pad or Computer! The KRU (Kitchen Remodel University) is a very cool members area with a ton of additional kitchen remodeling training that will help you with your kitchen project!

      Send me your email Paul so I can send you the KRU(Kitchen Remodeling University) login name and password today!

      Thanks again for purchasing both the Basement and the Kitchen training videos Paul! I am here 7 days a week to answer any questions that you may have about any of your projects.

      Happy Holidays!


    • Hi Jeff! No these are part of a lifetime membership area where the videos are HD streaming format that you can watch on any “Smart” device(phone, pad, laptop, etc.) with internet. You can also download all of them to your computer if you wish…but downloading is totally optional!

      Thanks for your interest in my basement training videos, hope to meet you inside the members area!


  9. Hi Eddie,

    Part of my basement, has a shelf along with some framing which seems to be resting on top of that shelf. There’s all sorts of plumbing and wiring running through this existing structure.

    How can I know whether the shelf is bearing the load of the ceiling structure? Is it basically possible otherwise?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hello, what’s the difference between the $147.00 package and
    the more expensive basement university??

    I plan on doing my 1800sf basement and need detailed instructions.


    • Well there is twice as much detailed training over at the BFU(Basement Finishing University) as there is in the Pro Video A to Z training series. about 100+ training video at the BFU as compared to 27 Videos in the Pro Video A to Z product.

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  12. Eddie, I have another question. Are the videos in this $99 package different from the videos in the DIY Remodeling Club? Thanks

    • Yes they are Tim. The BFU is a much more involved training system for basement finishing with about twice the training materials. Both are good…but the basement Finishing University is second to none! Thanks for your interest in the basement training products Tim.


  13. Hi Eddie!

    So far your advice and how/to’s were invaluable!

    Question about the BFU content: what else is there in BFU that content doesn’t have?

    Any plans on showing us how to do basement floors?


  14. Hi Eddie,

    I was considering purchasing your A to Z videos or possible the BFU. I live in Colorado and have a partially finished basement. The existing walls are “floating walls”, as they don’t go all the way to the pressure treated 2×4. They have a spike holding them in place. Do your videos cover how to build these type of walls? Thanks.

  15. Eddie, I purchased the Pro Video A to Z Series for both Basement Finishing and Bathroom Remodel. GREAT STUFF. One question about the HVAC. I have a power vented water heater and a sealed combustion furnace. I am sealing off the mechanical room but leaving a large 16″x25″ louver. Will I still need to tap into the return air?

    • For your HVAC system you should have return air in the finished areas! So my answer is Yes you still need the return air. Your furnace and Water heater will be fine closed-off inside the utility area just as they currently are…no changes to either Tom. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for stopping by our website and THANK YOU for your recent training product purchases.


  16. I would very much like to purchase your videos but my Internet connection is poor at best so it is sometimes very difficult for me to stream videos. Is this series available as a DVD set? Thank you.

    • Hello Robert. No there is no DVD product for the training videos. There is the Pro Video A to Z training series which is an Instant Download directly to your computer which you can checkout here [Pro Video A to Z here ] and there is also the Basement Finishing University which has HD Streaming videos that you can watch any place you have a computer and an internet connection which you can check out Here [Basement Finishing University Click Here]. Both products are super user friendly!

      Thanks for your interest in my basement training videos.


  17. I have metal duct trunk with two bottom vents installed by the builder. How should I close those off? I’ll be installing side runs off the trunk.

    • Hey Chuck!
      If they are “foam-duct” you should cut a piece of the same material and then use “metal duct tape” to tape the plug into place. If it is metal you should pop-rivet a metal patch into place and then seal the perimeter of the metal patch with “metal duct tape”. This will permanently take care of the old holes in the bottom of your duct trunks.


  18. Can these be given as a gift? In other words can an access account be created with an email that will not be associated with placing and paying for the order?

    • I do not have a specific video for a “ventless” gas fireplace insert installation Chuck. But I can step you through it if you contact me personally. Email me at and I will get you information on this instalation. We have installed dozens of the “ventless” variety.


  19. Hi Eddie,

    I bought the basement finishing pro video series back in the spring and was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to BFU. The reason I’m asking is because my basement was framed by the builder/previous owner and they did a poor job. Most of the re-framing seems straight forward except for one wall where I have a number of questions that I’d like to ask and get some advice on. I’m not sure i can tackle the job without getting some additional guidance.



    • Sure Joel! No problem .You can just pay the difference which is $98.00 and I’ll send it right over to you. Send your payment to my PayPal account at [ ] and as soon as I receive payment I will immediately send you your user name and password to get inside the members area. Inside head over to the members community and we can talk it out!

      Thanks for your continued interest in my training products!


    • I’m sending you new basement finishing training video download links for all 27 videos right now Evan! Don’t worry brother we’ll get ya fixed-up here in a minute!


  20. So if I purchase The Basement Finishing University I really do not need to also purchase the Pro Video A to Z series since the series is included in The Basement Finishing University. Is that correct?

    • That is 100% correct Keven! Everything in the Pro Video A to Z product is also inside the Basement Finishing University PLUS a ton more video training is included inside the Basement Finishing University!


  21. Eddie,
    What’s the difference between the Pro Video A to Z, the basement finishing University videos and the Bathroom Completion videos. I am finishing my basement and will have to move the bathroom rough-in.

    • bIL,

      The Basement Finishing University has twice as much training as the Pro Video A to Z product.

      The Basement Finishing University(BFU) has everything the Pro Video A to Z does, which is the 27 basement training videos. But it goes a lot deeper into the entire project at the Basement Finishing University(BFU).

      Here is what the BFU has that the Pro Video A to Z does not:

      1.) How to Design the basement and create a “working floor plan” (7 hours of training)
      2.) Basement finishing MindMap
      3.) 48 How-to tool videos that teach you what tool you need and demonstrate how they are used during the project.
      4.) 15 Bonus training Idea videos (6 Hours of additional videos)
      5.) Resources tab and 24 hour support
      6.) Private student community forum where you can get your questions answered personally by me 7 days a week.

      That’s a lot more at the BFU, it’s a very good value!

      Hope this helps. WE are closing it down later this week. We are only taking 500 students and we are almost there after today.

      I’m always around if you have any questions about your project, just shoot me an email!

      Take care.


  22. Eddie,
    What’s the difference between your Pro Series videos, your Basement Finishing University set, and your Bathroom Remodel set of videos? I want to finish my basement, but I need to move plumbing rough-ins.


    • Bil,

      The Basement Finishing University has twice as much training as the Pro Video A to Z product.

      The Basement Finishing University(BFU) has everything the Pro Video A to Z does, which is the 27 basement training videos. But it goes a lot deeper into the entire project at the Basement Finishing University(BFU).

      Here is what the BFU has that the Pro Video A to Z does not:

      1.) How to Design the basement and create a “working floor plan” (7 hours of training)
      2.) Basement finishing MindMap
      3.) 48 How-to tool videos that teach you what tool you need and demonstrate how they are used during the project.
      4.) 15 Bonus training Idea videos (6 Hours of additional videos)
      5.) Resources tab and 24 hour support
      6.) Private student community forum where you can get your questions answered personally by me 7 days a week.

      That’s a lot more at the BFU, it’s a very good value!

      Hope this helps. WE are closing it down later this week. We are only taking 500 students and we are almost there after today.

      I’m always around if you have any questions about your project, just shoot me an email!

      Take care.


  23. Eddie,

    Great, GREAT videos on Facebook. I’m finishing my walkout basement and I’ve already used some of your tips in the free videos. Do you videos include how to finish the balluster and rail system? I’ve got the wall beside the stringer framed and ready to cap. I have no clue how to do the newel, ballusters, etc.


  24. Hello Eddie,
    Do your videos cover relocation of plumbing rough-ins? I have 25 feet distance from the wet bar to the drain pipe. I understand there needs to be a 1/4 inch per foot slope in the drain line. Is this information covered in your videos? I also need to know what tools to rent to break the concrete and how to patch the work later.

  25. Hi Eddie

    Is the $99 for the whole set? Everything I need to know from start to finish is in there? I’m gonna start my Reno in winter time.
    Ps. Really like ur videos.

    • Hey Jay! YES that is correct that’s 27 Videos my friend and over 35 hours of basement finishing training from A to Z!
      Thanks for stopping in at our basement finishing blog!


  26. Hey Eddie,
    Do your videos cover how to frame windows in an existing basement? I have to cut into the wall and frame in a 6 foot and 5 foot window. Thanks.

  27. Hi Eddie your videos are magnificent really helps a lot i don’t doubt your work.
    reliable sources. i now it’s not easy for you to work and video at the same time. you rather finish it fast and move on to the next but you want to help others like me. just want to say you are doing a great job and thanks.
    my request is after finishing drywall, we need all the carpenter package
    like kitchen cabinets, sinks, washrooms hard wood floor or carpet installed.
    please and thank you

  28. Eddie,
    Trying to buy this pro set of video’s, website says on sale for $99 but it gets added to the checkout cart as $147. Please advise.

  29. Hi Eddie,

    I bought your Pro series back in Jan, I was able to finish framing with the help of these videos. I never had any experiance in Framing. I contracted out plumbing and plumber asked me if I do the framing…..
    My basement finishing is stopped since I am not able to figure out how to frame Wet Bar, height, where to put cabinet and size of cabinets etc. Do you have any video which explains framing Wetbar etc. It will really help me to finish my basement….

  30. If I buy the videos will my pass be unlimited. Can I watch the videos as many times as I want? And does it expire after a certain amount of time?

    • Yes Steve. You get all of the Videos and you have lifetime access everything you purchase. Thanks for stopping by my Basement Finishing Training website!


    • Hi Jorge! These videos only are available in an Instant Download format. I do not ship DVD’s. These videos can also be viewed at the Basement Finishing University where you can stream them live in HD with no downloading at all!


  31. Hi Eddie,
    Kinda like Nick in the previous comment, I don’t own a laptop:
    Do you know if the BFU videos – when you buy the A to Z series – work on the iPad?

  32. I do not have a laptop I want to buy your videos but my tablet will not allow me to. I have a Android tablet, it has something to do with java script not supported.

    • Well if you buy the videos I will give a pass to my Basement Finishing University where you can stream all of the same videos to your Android Tablet and they will work fine from the BFU site! Thanks for your interest in my training videos.


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