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  1. Eddie, Thankyou!! Your training system is great! Your videos helped me finish my basement and a friends basement. Now it’s time for a deck to be you have any training videos on deck building? If not I would love to see one in the near future. Thanks again!!

    • Hi Frank! We appreciate the feedback my brother! A deck series would be a cool series…maybe in the near future! Thanks for your past purchases Frank.


  2. THANK YOU! I purchased your basement finishing school 2 years ago and spent 9 months gutting, designing, and building my new basement. This was the best money I have ever spent and it all turned out amazing. Everyone comes over and cannot believe how great it turned out and are in shock when I say I did it all myself.

    BUY THIS PROGRAM! It was so detailed and easy to follow along and do.

    Do you have any more trainings available besides the basement one? I am particularly looking for a detailed how to on kitchen remodels.

  3. Hey Ed. I am a framing carpenter looking to start my own business. Do any of your dvd’s show how to estimate jobs?

    • Hi Connor! I have a Training series coming out in a few months that will help tradesman start their own contracting business. The new training will have a module on “how to estimate” correctly. Check back with me in a few months (Mid summer) and I will be able to help you better! What type of contracting business will you be starting-up?


  4. Hi Eddie,

    Thanks a lot for your great videos.

    One quick question — I have not seen a video about HVAC system.Actually i am working on my basement and i need heating and cooling for my basement.Need to extend to the existing system, By any chance do you have any videos or ideas relating to HVAC for extending to the existing heat/coiling duct.

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Eddie,

    Just getting started …watched framing series…didn’t look to cover anchoring a wall over radiant heat in basement floor. You by chance have a separate video showing how you like to approach glued bottom plates and standing up walls in these cases? Best, JC.

    • Hi Joel!

      Man brother I do not have a video to show how to safegaurd against an accidental puncture in a below concrete floor electric heating mat or circulating hot water radiant heat lines…
      I would say tha since the concrete is 4″ thick and the bottom plate is 1.5″ thick that it would take a better-than 5.5″ nail to get through to the source of the heat…so I would just keep using the same 2.5″ Ramset nails and not worry about it as these fasteners are simply not long enough to cause any damage to the system.


  6. Hello
    I purchased the bar build videos and I have a new email address
    I forgot my password and can reset it because my original email is no longer valid ( new email is
    I need to change my email and reset my password

  7. Hey Eddie,

    Bought all of you basement finishing videos, I somehow forgot which video consist of the build outs. I need to measure and forgot if you make it half or quarter inch smaller and shim….also how you do the holes for shelves. please remind which video will clue me in.


    • Hi Ravi! Thanks again for your purchase! The video you want in in the Trim Video series and would be the Stairway Banisters video training!


  8. Hello. I bought your basement finishing dvd’s and they’ve been great! I had a question though. I’ve got “pony” walls where the bottom half is concrete with vapor barrier already installed and the top half is already framed and insulated. I want to frame out the pony wall which leaves a ledge half way up the wall. Per your videos I think I will just block nail to support the framing of the pony wall but I’m wondering:

    Can you block nail directly to vapor barrier or do you have to worry about it rotting out? If you cannot, do you cut out the vapor barrier just where you set your blocks before you nail… or would you suggest I just tear down all the previously installed vapor barrier itself?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the wealth of information in your dvd sets.

    • Hello Ryan! You need to cut-out a small area of the insulation wrap and mount your blocks of wood directly to the concrete. You can’t install over the wall wrap.


  9. Eddie, I purchased the Basement Framing videos. One thing that you didn’t explain was what size nails are you using for the nail gun? You mentioned 16d nails if using a hammer, but even then 16d are 3 1/2″ long – wouldn’t that stick out about 1/2″ when nailing 2 studs face to face? You didn’t seem to switch out nails when doing that.

    Thanks for all the great videos and information!


      • Eddie,

        Thanks! Adding on to this – we had our basement waterproofed and part of that process was new perimeter piping installed. The area was re-covered with a different type of concrete and the vendor says that it can’t take any type of penetration, so Ramsetting into it is out of the question. They indicate only Liquid Nails to secure the plate to the floor. Since this means that the floor plate will not be completely secured to the floor before nailing the top plate into the joist is there the possibility that it would not remain fully on the floor or that it could move before drying? How would you alter the wall installation? Less space between the top plate and joist for a tighter fit? More board nailing to the wall?

        For the rest of the interior walls I could use a ramset. What size/type pins do you use?


  10. Bought you basement finishing videos and they are great. I want to do the electrical design plan like you in you video on this subject. Can you tell me what software you are using. I think your video said home designer 2012. Do I need the Pro version of this software to be able to do the electrical plan?

  11. Just wanted to say how great your videos really are. You are an excellent teacher and speaker.
    I live in Colorado but I’m formally from the Philadelphia area and it’s really cool watching your videos. Even cooler that they were filmed in the fall. I do miss those awesome Pennsylvania leaves!

  12. Hi Eddie, I love your creative ideas about finishing the basement. Do you work in New York? I have an unfinished basement, I would love your company to help finish.

    • Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for your interest in my basement finishing company! I would love to help you finish your basement, but unfortunately we do not travel that far from our home office here in Hershey PA. Good luck with your project. If you have sany questions about the project I will help to answer them! Take care. Eddie

  13. I just purchased the video series and got a PDF which says I need to download my videos in the next 72 hours. Your Labor Day Sale video says that I get a free membership to your on-line site where the videos can be watched on any device. My sale confirmation video does not give me any info about registering with your on-line site (University). Are these different product offerings or is your PDF out of date?

    • Hi Robert! YES!!!! You get a lifetime membership into my brand new Basement Finishing University(BFU). All you do is login here at this link here>>> and enter your email and your password that was sent to you when you purchased! Inside the BFU you will find over 100+ of my BEST basement finishing training videos, Project Materials and Tools lists, PDF files and 24/7 support from me as well.


  14. please extend the 50% off sale at least through this wednesday (Aug. 17th, 2016) so i can buy your videos then . thank you

  15. Order # 261627556. Hello, I bought the video’s on Sunday and my computer locked up on me. After re-starting, I’m unable to find the link to the video’s and cannot sign in. The code was ManCave, but I can’t find the link to use this. Also, in the Memorial sale email, it had the bathroom and kitchen series, but I did not see those videos. Please Help.

    William Hartwick

    • Just resent all of the training to you William…you should be good to go! Thanks again for your purchase! Good luck with your basement project…I am here 7 days a week if you have any questions about any of your projects.


  16. I live in Lancaster, PA and was wondering if you do free quotes on jobs? I don’t remember seeing or hearing your regular business name while watching the videos on YouTube.

  17. Hi Eddie,

    What is your take on macerating toilets in finished basements? My septic out pipe is about 48″ up the basement wall so I would need to pump waste up to go out to my septic if I choose to go with a bathroom in my basement.

    • Hello Charlie!

      Not a fan…problematic over time. I only install “in floor” sewage ejector pits…they give me ZERO call-backs and I like that!


  18. Hey Eddie – great resource for finishing basements. Quick question, do I need to use pressure treated studs when framing a stud wall against a concrete foundation wall or is that why you layout 4.5″ away from concrete wall to provides an “airspace” and prevent contact between wood stud and concrete wall? Thanks for your help.

  19. Mr. Case,
    I am interested in hiring you to finish my basement, if you are available how does the process work?
    Thank you,
    Pat McArdle

  20. I have a rough-in , in the basement floor that is original PVC installation from the builder (1997). After living here 20 years (original owner) I am framing the basement. Question: I hate the layout of the rough-in….everything I.e. toilet, drain and tub. I am going to move the toilet and tub lines to a different location within the (61/2X 9′) area which I have framed for the bath. I have clear access the the main line and clean out. Approx. 5 to 7 feet from the rough. Do you have any material on how to locate the tie-in point that branches off. Need to know where to start demolition. (jackhammer or concrete saw) Stan!

    • Hi Stan! Use the drain line installation video series and tie-in the same way we do in this series. But instead of everything being put in from scratch, you will tie-into the existing 3″ or 4″ sewage main lateral(whatever you have) in your floor. Jack hammer over to the best tie-in point and then dig out around it, then cut it open and use a 3″ or 4″ Furnco fitting to make your connection to the old pipe to the new pipe, then your just following the videos to make all you connections in the concrete floor.


  21. regarding a unfinished semi stubbed firelplace in my basement. Do you have any videos of how to finish a fireplace in a basement. We have brick fireplace that goes three levels to the basement level. But basically I just have a hole where the fireplace should be. I recently purchase your A to Z videos and did find anything regarding fireplaces in the basement. thank you.

    • Hi Greg! This will require you to hire a mason to build you a masonry fireplace, which is not a topic that I teach as I am not a mason! This is a very specialized project that has to be done right…for obvious reasons!I would get 3 estimates and see what the masons have to say about the existing setup.

      Now…You could use the vent(Flue) in your basement to install either a wood burning stove, pellet stove or a vented gas fireplace that needs a flue/vent pipe to be installed correctly. You would simply frame your walls and normal and add either a tile, brick or stone hearth for your stove or… build a “false” wall to install a vented or “ventless” gas or propane fireplace insert.

      Hope this helps.


  22. Eddie,
    My wife and I just finished building several walls…these are awesome videos which have made this job so much easier.

    My question is, I have a 2,300 sq ft of basement. the builder installed 5 heat vents and I plan to add 3 more for the open spaces. how many return air ducts do I install? Our plan tis to keep an open basement concept, except the storage room, my workroom and the bathroom.

    • Hello John! Thanks for your purchase, and I’m glad the videos are doing their job so far for you and your wife…teamwork!

      I would install 2 air returns in the open areA. No return in bathroom! That’s all you should need with plenty of feed air from what your telling me!

      Good luck with the rest of the basement John…send me pics and video if you want of the finished project…I’d love to see your finished work!

      Thanks again for your purchase.


    • All of my training is viewed at the Members-Only membership site(Basement Finishing University) in HD Steaming Video format! This makes all of my videos available to you 24/7 and they can be viewed on any Smart Phone, Pad or Computer in crystal clear quality from any location you are wanting the training!

      You can also download any of the videos to your computer and store them forever if you wish, but downloading is optional and totally up up to you! Most of my students do not download the videos they simply watch them at the members area at the Basement Finishing University (BFU)

      You can check out the lifetime membership site here>>>>> CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE BASEMENT TRAINING!

      Thanks for your interest Brian in the training! Hope to see you inside the members area soon.


  23. Hi Eddie, i purchased your pro video A-Z series very very helpful, i thank you for your time put into these teaching videos. I didn’t see anything for levelling out uneven joist for drywall, i don’t have a lot of head room. Are you able to help me out? Thanks again
    Ray (Canada}

    • Hi Ray! You can use what’s called “hat channel” to level out your uneven floor joists. This hat channel can be purchased at most any commercial drywall material supplier in your area. The hat channel will force the drywall as you hang it to level it’self out as you progress across your joist with the ceiling drywall.

      You can also use 1″ x 4″ and shim it to a string line to take out the worst of the up’s and down’s as well. When I have the head-room I just use 2″ x 4″‘s perpendicular to the floor joist every 2′-0″ to take out most of the unevenness when the joist are really out of level plane.


      • hey eddie, Purchused the a to z pro video series and I am so happy of my finished basement you help create! . just wondering if you have a video of making a bar out of 2×6 framing and how to attach the granite counter top , so its solid?
        thanks for sharing and teaching us how to do things right!!!!!

        • Hey Isaac! I just sent you the Bar Building Pro Video series in an email! Thanks for becoming one of my valued basement finishing students! Enjoy the Bar Building training videos!


  24. Eddie,

    I’m looking at started my basment remodel in January 2015 and have it completed before March 2015, with a second child on the way the space is greatly needed. I’m looking for some direction and motivation, if this is a tangible goal? My basement is roughly 1000ft with existing demo of drywall required and old tiles removed and frame new walls. I plan on sub contracting the drywall work.

    Also, searching the Internet I’m getting mixed results on basement flooring. I want to know what type of product I need apply to the concrete for moisture and vapor barrier, as well as a permanent flooring surface I can use in the laundry area, and great foundation to lay carpet on top of.

    If you have some availability, email me please.


    • Hi Ryan…Yes this is a good goal that is achievable… but you need to get started a.s.a.p. to hit your deadline on-time!

      You can set tile and carpeting directly on the concrete floor…now need for a vapor barrier on the floor!


  25. Hi Eddy,
    I love what I have seen so far in terms of your videos. You explain things so thoroughly and move at a nice pace.
    I am interested in purchasing your video series and live in Canada. I assume that your video series are shipped to Canada as well?

    • Hi Dave! No because there is nothing to ship! All videos are either downloaded directly to your computer or…they are viewed inside a lifetime membership area in Streaming HD format which is awesome because you do not have to download anything! The lifetime membership videos are view-able on any smart phone, Pad or computer with access to the internet! And of course I’m available 7 days a week to answer any technical questions that you may have about your project.

      Thanks for your interest in my training video systems Dave.


    • Wow do I feel like an idiot! I just sent you an email asking if your videos come as DVDs then looked and found this return email from you. I’m sold, I’m going to buy inyo your university series videos. Thanks. I look forward to utilizing the wealth of knowledge you are so graciously sharing.


  26. Thinking about purchasing your video set especially since its on sale for the Labor Day weekend! My questions is will I get full access to the University so I can stream the videos via my tablet?

    That would be a pretty sweet setup!


  27. Eddie,
    First off, I love the videos on you tube..awesome. Getting ready to purchase your video sets, but had a quick question. I have A/C, plumbing, some gas lines and metal vent that come below the joists in the basement. Obviously I cannot build a wall all the way to the ceiling, and will have to build some soffits to cover up these issues. Is this scenario covered in your tapes, and if so which ones? Thanks a bunch.

  28. Hello! Do any of your videos cover knocking out walls? I would like to knock out the banister side wall of my basement to open up the space. It’s not load bearing. My main water line is placed in an awkward spot. I want to build a wet bar or put a half wall there? This water main is larger than normal. It looks like a steering wheel to a spaceship. Do any of your videos show how to work around that. I’ll probably be doing all the work myself. Do your videos show how to put drywall up yourself. Seems difficult to do alone. I will also need to build a wall. Your videos help with that? As you can tell I have no carpentry skills at all. Thanks!

    • Craig We do not have the “floating wall code in Pennsylvania. I do not have the floating wall training because I’ve never had the opportunity to film it being being done. I do have a link to a good floating wall overview video you can check out. Go to this Link…FLOATING WALL OVERVIEW VIDEO CLICK HERE.

      Good luck with your basement framing project!


    • Rick,

      They are in MP4 HD Format. You can download them all to your computer here Download site or you can join the Basement Finishing University where you can Stream all of the video live 24/7, this is a lifetime membership site that you pay once to join and is always being updated with new videos.

      Thanks for your interest in my training videos Rick!


  29. Hi Eddie-

    My husband and I are going to start framing our basement (walls first then ceiling). We do not own a nail gun. Can we use a drill and screws to build out the frames? If yes, what screws and length do you recommend?

    Many thanks !


    • Hello Angie! Rent one! Borrow one! Buy one! I do not suggest “screwing” an entire basement framing project together. This would take half a life time, if anything Angie I would suggest using 16 penny framing nails and a 20 oz. framing hammer and nail the framing together…much, much faster than screwing and a lot cheaper as well. When I first started out building basements I hand nailed all of my Framing projects this exact way.

      Good luck with your project Angie!


      • Thanks Eddie !

        We did contact Home Depot and they said that it is a tool that we can rent – a cordless framing nail gun. so we will definitely rent one.

        Any particular type of nail that we will need? We do need to add 2x4s to the joist as there is exposed conduit/junction boxes (which would prevent us from just nailing the drywall direclty to the joist).

        Thanks !


  30. Im ready to start framing my basement ceiling. Your videos are great to help me out as i am a true beginner.

    QQ. When you connect your ladders for your sofits, can you nail the 2×4 (cross over pieces) to the bottom of the sofit vs in between (i.e. toe nailed)?

    • Hello Harry, thanks for stopping by my basement finishing diy site! You should not do that…if you did this, there would not be solid framing the whole way down the soffit edge on the bottom outer edge to screw your drywall to, this would cause a break in the solid framing every 2′ which is not good. You would also be lowering the soffit an additional 1 1/2″ if you did it this way. Toe nailing is not hard, just takes a few practice swings if your using a hammer. If your using air framing equipment it’s a piece of cake to toe nail your “cross-over” framing pieces.

      Good luck with your soffit framing Harry…I’m here if you need to talk!


      • Eddie thanks for getting back to me.

        When you say that, “there would not be solid framing the whole way down the soffit edge on the bottom outer edge to screw your drywall to”, i apologize (for lack of skill) not following.

        I would think (me being a beginner) that the cross over pieces would be easier to connect the sofit ladders together. Additionally, wouldn’t I be able to nail the drywall to the bottom cross over pieces and then nail the drywall to the side of the sofit ladders?

      • Hi Eddie-

        is there a number to call or can i send you pics of my basement ceiling to get a better idea of what im trying to achieve?

        Many thanks !

  31. I am getting a new home built with an unfinished basement. I want to finish as much as I can myself. I love your videos and plan to buy them soon. I have no tools.
    I know you did a “tool belt” video that showed what I need on my belt, but I need one that explains what tools I need for framing, trim, etc.

    I have been looking to pick up some tools at garage sales and need to know exactly what I need: miter saw, table saw, ladder, buckets, nail gun, etc.

    • Over at my Basement Finishing University I have over 40 Videos inside that explain all of the power tools you need to finish basements. These videos have a short overviews of each tool and a brief demonstration on how to use each tool.
      You can find more information about the BFU training site here>>>>

      Thanks for stopping by my basement finishing Blog! I’m always here if you have any questions about your basement project.

      Good luck with your project Carl.


  32. Hi Eddie, Thanks to your videos, I have completed the priming and painting phase of the basement. Quick question for you. I am planning on putting good quality laminate flooring in the basement. In what order should I be completing the project.
    1. doors 2. laminate floors 3. baseboard 4. stairs handrail system.



  33. WOW, Thanks for the quick email response. It was actually my I.S.P. that was having problems yesterday. It’s all downloading fine so far this morning. Awesome videos!

  34. Hi Eddie,

    You mentioned you’re videos cover installing a tile floor. I purchased the A-Z series. Can you advise which video covers floor tiling? Is it part of one of the plumbing videos? I haven’t found it yet.


  35. Hi Ed i recently bought a new home and the basement is completly remodeled however there is a small window not enough for Egress i learn about the egress code after the settlement, i saw your youtube video with your su-contractor chris installing one, and i like the profess work. need a estimate on this project Croydon pa Dave 267-709-6220.

    • Hi Dave!

      I’ll send you the information to contact Chris. I’ll shoot you an email right now. Thanks for stopping by our Basement Finishing website I’m always here if you have questions about any of your DIY projects..


  36. I recently purchased the video series and was impressed with the split jam door in your video but when I went to homedepot they didn’t have them but they could order them for me but he knew nothing about them or to order from, can you shed a little light on who makes them so I can order the right ones from them

    • Hi Don! OK…apparently not all Home Depot’s sell these doors nor can they order them if they do not carry them! This really is upsetting, but nothing can be done about it!

      I suggest checking with your local Lowes or other “bib box” home improvement stores and talking to contractor sale about them ordering the doors for you. You can even try smaller dealers of building supplies in your area and see what they can do for you. Somebody has them and you can find them in your area, they are a very common product.


  37. Love your videos. I purchased the Basement Finishing University and cannot for the life of me find link to login. :)

    Ron Clark

  38. Hi Eddie,

    Great videos on YouTube. Two questions, do you cover how to frame stairs that run along a concrete wall? I don’t want bump out and take away from the stair width. Also, have you ever had to level a floor? Do you cover flooring, such as tiling the bathroom?

    • Yes we cover stairs like this setup and yes we have videos that cover tiling floors. I have rarely ever leveled concrete floors except in extreme situations like an area where a toilet must sit level or maybe floating-out existing floor drain areas so there is not a big “dip” in a tile floor, things of that nature.

      I’m here to help you succeed with your project Brian. I’m here 7 days a week if you have questions about your project!

      Take Care, and good luck with your project!

      Pro Video A to Z Basement Training Package CLICK HERE.


  39. Hi Eddie,

    I have recently bought a new home, the basement was unfinished. The builder placed blanket insulation directly to the concrete slab. I have read this will eventually lead to condensation and mold issues and that I should rip everything out and place 2″ rigid foam insulation against the slab instead, and start framing directly against the foam. What are your thoughts on this?

    Also, what is the difference between your pro A-Z series and the BFU video package?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Keep the wall wrap if your wall are concrete, remove it if your walls are block masory units!

      The difference between the Pro Video and the Basement Finishing University is The BFU has around 4 times as many training videos as well as material and tool project lists. The BFU is also much more intimate training that includes one-on-one project support with me!

      Thanks for your interest in my products and for visiting our basement finishing website!

      Good luck with your projects Sean!


  40. Eddie,

    I cannot find in the videos I bought where you show how to frame an existing inward opening door. I have an airway steps that have a 4 foot metal insulated inward opening door. The concrete foundation is even with the back of the door. If I build a wall along this wall of the foundation, the drywall will end up extending 2 inches past the back of the door. How will this get finished with drywall? If one of your videos shows this, let me know.

    Thanks a bunch, so far the videos are extremely helpful.


    • Tom, Frame your new wall even with the existing concrete opening and then use wooden extension jambs and door casing to finish-off the door pocket like a show you in the exterior window and door trim video.

  41. Hi, Just want to ask if your basement finishing videos are all as informative and step -by-step as the ones you have on You Tube? Thanks

  42. Hello, not sure if this is a dumb question but I am about to start framing my basement. I have a sump pump system in the corner of two interior walls. Should I frame that out or should I frame it in?

  43. Hello,

    My wife just purchased your Basement Finishing Pro series DVD set for me for Christmas. I really like this product, and was wondering if you offer any discounts if I wanted to purchase your Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel series together?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Justin! Hey buddy thanks for the purchase I am glad you like the basement training videos. I’m honored you would like to purchase both my Kitchen and Bathroom DIY training series as well!

      I will do you a package deal…I’ll sell you both for the original price of one! How’s $99.00 for both the Bathroom Pro Video series and the Kitchen Pro Video Series sound to you? If that sounds good purchase either one and i’ll send you the other one for FREE as soon as I receive your payment for either product!

      Happy Holidays Justin and thanks again for becoming one of my DIY students.


  44. I purchased the basement pro series back in june or july of 2011 when it first became available. I downloaded the videos to my mac but I cant open any of the videos now. I get a message that the video is no longer available. What do I need to do at this point?

    • Give me your email and I will send you all new video links Derine!

      Thanks again for your purchase! I’m here if you have questions about your projects as well.


    • We do not get into textured ceilings Frank. We really just cover building new ceilings all framing and drywall steps to be taken are covered step-by-step for the ceiling process.


  45. Hi Eddie,

    I purchased your pro video series. I wish I would have found your training when I finished my first basement. I feel so much more prepared to tackle this new one I am starting this week (1200 sq ft)

    I just finished watching your framing videos, and I noticed you don’t use double studs when you frame the doors. Why do you do it this way instead of the double (king) way?

    Also, do you recommend pulling permits for DIYs? Looks like most homeowners finishing their basement themselves don’t do it.

    Thank you so much for your time and training material.

    • Nothing is load bearing Will and you don’t need jack studs and cripplers to support header loads like a traditional load bearing wall framing project. Save a little time an money!
      Thanks again for your purchase of the Pro Video A to Z Training course! I’m always here to answer any question that you may have during your project.


  46. Hi, Eddie

    I bought basement finish A to Z and I don’t know how can I download the videos. I loose the link few minutes after. Tanks

  47. Hi Eddie,
    I am using a Ramset gun for attaching my bottom plates to the poured concrete floor as you suggest, but the basement walls are either cinder block or concrete block rather than poured concrete. The house was built in 1985. The Ramset instructions say not to use the gun on cinder block walls. What do you recommend for cinder block walls that need to be block nailed? Thanks in advance -

    • Well Jim I know they say that but I have been using these guns on concrete and Block masonry walls both for 27 years and It work on both great! Just make sure you are shooting into the mortor joints and not directly into the block units themselves . Also use come “Liquid Nails” construction adhesive on the back of your blocks for an extra good hold!

      Hope this helps!


  48. My home is 3 years old (Delaware). I plan to start my project soon. A couple of your projects are the same shape as my basement, so they are great ideas for me.
    The builder put insulation up with a white plastic wrap. I guess it’s called, “Diaper wrap”. I’ve read conflicting arguements for leaving it up and framing over it or removing it and using regular insulation.

    What’s your take?


    • Hello William! Well I always leave it up because it just adds another layer of insulation to the R-values of your exterior walls which doesn’t hurt anything. There is no scientific reason to remove the wrap. It’s our opinion that the insulation wrap is a good thin not a bad thing, Plus…it has an R-value right around R-11 which is pretty good for basements. We then build our new basement walls in front of the wrap, 16″ o.c., and then insulate these new walls with R-13 paper-faced fiberglass insulation from Owens Corning. More insulation is always better!

  49. Love the videos and I am about to start my project, but have one concern. I had my basement waterproofed and they trenched the entire perimeter of my basement and put in french drains. The concrete around my basement is now only a few inches thick. I don’t think that I can use the ramset for my exterior walls (or hand nail). I was thinking that I could use liquid nails for the bottom plate and nail the top plate, but I wanted to know if you had any other ideas. Thanks agian. Great Video’s. I will send you before and after pictures.

    • I was just watching the framing videos and might have solved my own problem. Unless I hear otherwise I am going to block nail the bottom plate. I think that I will also use liquid nails.

      • No need to “block nail” the walls, just shoot them down right into the waterproofing cement, it will work fine!


    • I do it all the time in basements with perimeter waterproof systems installed. You can Ramset the walls directly into the waterproofing cement even though it may only be 2″ thick or better. It’s ok to Ramset it down! You can use some construction adhesive on the bottom plates so you don’t have to use as many Ramset pins, but your going to be ok with doing it this way. Hope this helps!


  50. I am interested in buying your video series but have a few questions. Saw you on YouTube and love the clarity and ease of your training. Are the videos in DVD format? My local code requires fire blocking, is this topic covered? (not critical but would be nice).

    • Currently available only through downloads and at the Basement Finishing University where you can either download them or stream them without having to do any downloading if you don’t want to.
      Thanks for your interest in my training videos Mike!


  51. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your expertise.

    I have a question regarding soffit. I have a trunk running adjacent to a concrete wall approximately 51/2″ from the concrete wall. In between the trunk and the concrete wall is a pipe running adjacent to the trunk. There is seemingly no place to place a ladder. In addition, the frame wall running an inch from the concrete has nothing to be nailed into at the top because of this. HELP!

    With much appreciation,

    Matthew Lennartz

    • You will need to “block nail” this section of the wall where the top plate can not be attached directly to the bottom of the floor joists. Block nailing is easy, just attach a few blocks of 2″ x 4″ directly to the exterior concrete wall and then secure your new framed wall to these blocks of 2″ x 4″. Make sure you use a 6′ level to plumb your wall before shooting it to the blocks of 2″ x 4″!I would then only build 1 ladder on the outside of the duct trunk and then connect the bottom of my soffit directly back over to the new wall, this way you only need one ladder for this entire soffit. I hope this helps. ~Eddie

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