6 thoughts on “How To Frame & Plumb A Basement Bathroom

  1. We’re adding a bathroom in a pre framed area of our finished basement but it’s in a damp area wnear our sunk pump. Should we be concerned about jack hammering through floor to add plumbing if we used to have water in the basement before we added the sunk pump and finished it?

  2. hi, am planing to buy a house, and the basement doesn’t have a bathroom and kitchen. can i convert laundry room to a bathroom? please advice

    • It depends if your houses sewage goes out to the street below the basement concrete floor or not? If yes you don’t need to install a sewage ejector…if no you will need an “up-flush” sewage ejector system of some type installed to handle the toilet drain. The bath sink drain can most likely still use the laundry drain for the washing machine but I would need to see exactly what you have going on down there to be certain Dilani!


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