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  1. My biggest hurdle to start my project is the design and layout phase and pulling permits. Do have instruction on design layout with suggestion on software that I can use to submit plans to get my permits

  2. I’m in Canada and I want to buy the set of complete basement finishing
    video training course! I want to know if the price is in US dollars of in CANADA dollars.
    Thank you

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for your interest in my basement finishing training videos! The price is in US dollars. I alos want you to know that I am here 7 days a week for all of my students if you have any questions about your basement project. Take care Chris.


  3. Hey Eddie, I’ve been doing some of my basement here, and plan to get your basement finishing series in the next month or so before tacking some of the stuff you don’t cover in the free videos ;) We have white plastic-covered insulation already nailed to the entire outside wall perimeter. If I measure to the concrete and come out about 3 1/2 inches, I can place the wall there (so interior of the studs are 7″ from the concrete) and the exterior of the wall just touches the plastic without compressing it. Is that the right way to do that? Is there a convention for how much space to set the wall from the concrete?

    • Hello Rich! When I frame exterior walls with this “wall-wrap” insulation pre-existing, I come out 6″ and snap my wall lines. This is plenty of distance and it doesn’t effect the R-value of the existing wall wrap.


  4. My garage/basement has concrete block walls, I wish to keep a portion of the look but wonder if it need to be insulated or not.

    • If you do the work yourself (which you definitely can!), in most regions you do not need a permit. If your using a licensed contractor to do the work it really depends on the city code department.


  5. Actually, I just went back and watched the first part of the video again. I can see that you did insulate but do I need to use batt insulation to fill the space between the rigid insulation and the studs where I build out from the outside wall to accommodate the pipes? (Sorry, I watched this over a couple of days and didn’t notice the insulation the first time around!)

    • You only need to insulate the the new walls that you built that border “cold walls” or exterior walls as we call them.You don’t need to insulate any gap between the new framed walls and the masonry walls.


  6. Hey, just curious, but did you have to insulate any of that basement? It doesn’t appear as though your did, but IF you did, I was wondering how you dealt with the obstacles (pipes) that ran the length of that one wall. I am planning on using rigid insulation and running it up behind the pipes, then building my wall in front of them, the same way you did. But, do I need to do something in the space between the insulation and the wall, which will be roughly 4-5 inches in front of the rigid insulation to accommodate the pipes?

    • Heyyy Jenn! We did insulate this entire basement perimeter! All of the wall that bordered a “cold exterior area” were stuffed with R-13 batt type fiberglass insulation from top to bottom. You don’t need to insulate any “space” between the newly built framed walls and the exterior masonry wall. Just the insulate the new framed 2″ x 4″ walls from top to bottom only.


  7. Your egress window that was needed for code appears to built into a stud wall. However, when you showed the “before” video, the windowless wall appeared to be concrete. How much of the wall did you remove to put in the 4×4 window?

    • Heyyyy Dan!

      We removed a 50″ x 50″ section of wall approximately and then had to frame the opening we created with treated lumber to hold the window. We then framed the interior basement wall to accommodate the new window size so it can be properly trimmed-out later in the basement project.

      Thanks for stopping by our basement finishing training website.

      Take care.


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