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  1. We just had our basement framed in using metal studs. The channels are screwed into the concrete on the floor and the ceiling joist. Unfortunately, the guy who did it just realized we have a floating slab floor. How big of an issue do we have and what do you recommend for fixing it? Thanks.

    • As long as you don’t live in a part of the country where a “Floating Wall” is required for code, your okay with metal studs install this way on a basic floating concrete slab situation. I would have used 2″ x 4″ walls with pressure treated bottom plates, but my company does a lot of custom trim work and you can’t do to much custom trim w/ metal studs because all your trim need to be screwed-on instead of being nailed on! Once you start with metal studs…the rest of the job is screws…screws…screws for everything you fasten to your walls.


  2. Hi Eddie,

    Fantastic videos. Can’t wait to start my project. When would you insert subflooring into the order here? I’m thinking Dricore type raised OSB.


    • Chris hello! My company does not use any sub-flooring on any of our projects…so I most likely will not be adding sub-flooring to the training modules. I believe basement sub-flooring is a waste of money and your time because it’s just not needed…in my opinion.

      Carpet and pad, tile and synthetic flooring can all be installed directly over the concrete floor. Hardwood is never a good idea in a basement because of the higher than usual humidity levels present in all basements. There is no need to insulate a concrete slab from the cold because the concrete will eventually adjust it’s temperature to the ambient temperature in the basement all by it’self becoming warmer as you add heat to the environment.

      Save your money and your time and install your flooring directly over the concrete:-)


      • Hi Eddie,
        Thanks for the fast response! I am up in Canada and in my last basement it used DriCore and I liked the insulating value it gave us in the winters up here. I have seen it suggested to Frame first and then lay this down. I’ve also seen it put down first and Framed right on top. Do you have any opinion on that? I realize you may not since you think it is a waste of time.

        Thanks for all your videos and help to the DIY community.

  3. I am glad I found your website !! You are amazing. You should be called Home building professor, as you have the touch of a professor. And you knowledge of the subject is awesome!!
    Great work!
    Thanks for doing this and educating people.

    • Hello Riaz! Wow man…Thanks for the kind words my brother! I glad you found my basement finishing training website and that the videos are helping you with your basement finishing knowledge base!

      Take care.

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