7 thoughts on “How To Frame Basement Walls

  1. Hi Eddie, Just discovering your great videos trying to self-help much of my basement.

    I’m a little confused about coming off 3½” for first stud placement. You don’t discuss the second wall that comes in 90 degrees. It seems that when you marry them up, you won’t have a stud to screw the drywall in on the first wall? Can you elaborate?


  2. When you start the second wall, do you mark your first stud on the short side of 3.5” as you did on the first wall or do you just put it right at the edge and go 16” on center from there?

    • Good question like! You simply go 15 1/4″ set your “X” for the stud ahead and then go every 16″ set “X” ahead the rest of the way down the wall layout. There is no 3 1/2″ line on wall # 2.


  3. Any recommendation for a Egress Window installer in Peoria, IL
    Don’t see many if I do a Google search.
    Any recommendation Appreciated. Also what is the ball park cost estimate for installing a 48×48 Egress so that I have an idea what how much to expect to pay a contractor.

  4. I have paneling over cinderblock walls. I want to rip the paneling off and put up drywall. Can I use the existing furring strips or do I need to do a proper 2×4 framing job?

    • You need to rip off those wood strips and re-frame the basement from scratch. You would want to frame with 2″ x 4″s and then insulate your new walls and so forth. Furring strips are not the way to frame basement exterior walls Kip. My Framing series would be a good place to start your basement training. I cover framing a basement from A to Z in this video training series. CLICK HERE to learn more about the framing training.

      Good luck with your basement project Kip! ~Eddie

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