6 thoughts on “Framing A Basement Stairway For Bannister Railing

  1. Is there a step 3 video showing how to install the bannister after you open up the wall and frame out the stringer? Seems like this is the most difficult part

  2. Hello Eddie, great videos, really really helpful, thank you! I wasn’t able to track down “how to frame the stairway if it doesn’t have a stringer”, you mentioned that is was in the Framing video series but I wasn’t able to find it. Any chance you could post a link to it? Thanks!

    • Don’t try to download to your Pad! Simply watch them over at the Basement Finishing University members area! You got a lifetime membership to the BFU and there is no need to download at the BFU! Simply watch all the videos on your Pad, Smart Phone or Computer in HD Streaming Video Format 24/7! I sent you an email that has your user name and password to get inside the members area immediately after your purchased. Please let me know if you need any assistance getting inside the members area at the BFU to begin watching all the training on your Pad!

      Thanks again for your purchase…see you inside the members area! ~Eddie

  3. Love the videos, I need to know how this works if the stairs do not have a stringer! Any help or video would make life easier! Thank you.

    • Yes it does and we show you exactly how to do this typw of staircase in our Framing video series Gave! Thanks for your interest in my basement training videos.


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