The six free basement framing how-to videos I have assembled will put the odds back in your favor and give you the training you need to professionally frame your basement.

Get your six free framing videos:

Here’s what you’ll get when you download these Framing Videos:

• Learn how to lay out your wall framing.
• Basement ceiling ideas (3 parts).
• How to frame your basement stairway wall.
• How to avoid common framing mistakes.
• How to frame windows and doors.
• How to frame headers and corners.
• How to space your framing to ensure proper drywall fit.
• and much, much more!

Once you have this information in your building arsenal, you’ll immediately become a more accurate, professional craftsman…PLUS you’ll finally have the confidence to tackle VIRTUALLY ANY framing project that comes your way.

But download these free videos while you can.

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Eddie Case

Get your six free framing videos:

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  1. Is there an easy way to make sure I’m going to do things to code in my area? I’ve found some county/city websites but it seems to be intentionally over complicated to get a straight answer. I’m in Aurora, CO.


    • HiMike!

      Best way is to make a direct phone call to the code office in your immediate city and just ask a few questions. Igf you follow what I teach in the training you are good in most anyplace USA and Canada!

      If you have any specific questions that you need answers to right away just email me at


    • Hello Elaine! Just save the PDF file to your desktop in a file and give that file to whoever is going to getting this product as a gift. The PDF file contains all of the download links for all of the product videos. Hope this helps.

      Thanks again for your purchase, I’m always available if you or the person your giving this gift to has any questions about the product or their project.


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